Know that your succes in life is not determined by the amount of your bank account, the car you drive, your education or your social status. True succes and fulfillment is determined by the impact you make in your own life and for those around you. Use your power of CHOICE.

If you are not happy, then every day you have a new CHANCE to CHOOSE. To stay where you are or to make a CHANGE. Rather than point to others, feel like a victim, give away your power to things you cannot change and complaint. Rise up. Go out, share your ideas, get to work and CREATE something better. For yourself and those around you. Even if it makes you look strange a first. Everyone who ever created something big did! So... take a first step. Dare to COUREAGOUSLY enter an unknown territory. CHANGE and risk might sound scary in your mind, but it also allows you to stretch your boundaries, to go beyond and bewondered. 


Always know that you are so much stronger than the CHALLENGES that life presents to you on your way. If don't give up, but keep moving forward and persevere, you will ALWAYS COME OUT stronger, braver & more COMMITTED than you ever have given yourself CREDIT for. 


Mind your own step. Always take a CRITICAL LOOK at yourself and your role in this life, this world and this society. COME AWARE of it, COME UP with better questions and better solutions and take COMMITTED ACTION. You don't have to wait for approval or others. Lead the way. Go first. Inspire yourself. Inspire others with your story to make a move. Take your audience with you on a journey. Show them a way. Your CONTRIBUTION is what makes the difference. 


You always have to walk your own path, but you are never alone. Get CLEAR and get focussed on what it is, that makes you COME ALIVE. COMMUNICATE your vision, your dreams, your doubts, your questions and your inspiration. There is a whole world out there. A COMMUNITY full of like-minded souls who together form a COLLECTIVE INTELLIGENCE which exceeds and magnify our individual knowledge and CAPABILITIES to make a difference. CONNECT with them through engaging and meaningful CONVERSATIONS. Let it help you grow. Get CURIOUS about the world, the people and all the possibilities it containts. Let it spark your CREATIVITY for making your own masterpiece and find solutions for your obstacles you will encounter. They are just part of life. Learn how to deal with them, grow and get things done.


CO-OPERATE with your peers. It adds joy to life. It will light you up. And it will give you a fun and insightfull experience that will fill you with CLARITY, energy and determination. So together let's digg in. Show CONSIDERATION and COMPASSION for all beings. Especially when they are different from you. Invite them in. Share a meal. Get to know them. You might be surprised. 


Most importantly. CARE for yourself. Love yourself. If things no longer fit your life, make room for new. CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSET. Don't hold on the old stuff. Live simple. Strive to be CONTENT and proud of who you are. And be grateful for all you have. Enjoy those simple things that make life beautiful. Music. Art. Birds singing. A smile. A touch. Nature. The air that you breathe. Stop running. Relax often and rejuvenate yourself on a daily basis. Silence will give you the chance to hear your own voice and CONNECT with your own strength. Add joy to your life. It will give you breathing space. Stop judging and measuring yourself to others. Appreciate how far you have come already and get CURIOUS how far you CAN travel in life. Even if you choose to stay close to home. Make every moment of your life count. Every day. Don't wait. Do it now. Focus only on those things that really matter to you. Thrive. Because life is really really short and you have only one life to live. So you better make it COUNT.


Be the light that ignites other lights
— Michèle Sparreboom
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